16 Most Interesting Places [TIPS + MAPS] 😍

1. Hanoi » 2. Ninh Binh » 3. Sapa » 4. Ha Giang » 5. Yen Bai » 6. Lai Chau » 7. Mai Chau » 8. Ha Long + Cat Ba » 9. Moc Chau » 10. Cao Bang » 11. Dien Bien Phu » 12. Bac Ha » 13. Lang Son » 14. Son La » 15. Quan Lan » 16. Co To

Hanoi - Northern Vietnam

Ninh Binh - Northern Vietnam

Sapa - Northern Vietnam

Yen Bai - Northern Vietnam

Ha Giang - Northern Vietnam

Lai Chau - Northern Vietnam

Mai Chau - Northern Vietnam

Ha Long Bay + Cat Ba Island

Moc Chau - Northern Vietnam

Dien Bien Phu - Northern Vietnam


Lang Son - Northern Vietnam

Son La - Northern Vietnam



Beaches in the north of Vietnam


Tickets for Vietnam - Baolau

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So, where to go in the north of Vietnam?

There are many interesting places in the north of Vietnam and each offers various attractions, natural sceneries, historical monuments or tourist activities. If you are looking for historical monuments and sites, for example, such places are mainly in Hanoi or its surroundings or Ninh Binh, so, rather in the south of northern Vietnam. Provinces such as Ha Giang, Lai Chau, Son La and Cao Bang offer amazing natural sceneries and remote non-touristy places of ethnic minorities. Sapa is one of the most visited sites in the north. If you are looking for tourist sports activities or relaxation on the beaches (tourists places) mainly in Ha Long Bay, Cat Ba Island or on more remote islands such as Quan Lan or Co To. I consider the most interesting places in northern Vietnam you can see and visit in the far north, authentic places, ethnic villages, but also, for example, Ha Long Bay (a great tourist place) or the fascinating Ninh Binh is definitely also worth a visit.



icon-question-circle Frequently asked questions and answers:

1️⃣ What is the capital of Vietnam?

    • The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi in northern Vietnam, the population in 2019 as per estimates is 8.2 million.

2️⃣ Which trains serve the route from Hanoi to Lao Cai?

    • From Hanoi to Lao Cai you can travel by regular trains of Vietnam Railways or there are luxury tourist trains.

3️⃣ How to travel in northern Vietnam?

    • You can travel by trains, tourist buses, vans, minivans, planes or motorbike. Read this: Transport in Vietnam.

4️⃣ Which places are the most visited in the north?

    • The most visited places in the north of Vietnam are Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Sapa and Ninh Binh.

5️⃣ I would like to visit some ethnic markets, where to go?

    • If you want to visit some ethnic markets you have to go to these provinces: Lao Cai, Ha Giang, Cao Bang or Lai Chau.

6️⃣ I would like to visit some beaches in the north, where to go?

    • There are a few interesting beaches in northern Vietnam or some remote island, read this: Beaches in the north.

7️⃣ How long to stay in northern Vietnam?

    • It is not easy to answer how long to stay in the north of Vietnam, but 1 month is optimal.

8️⃣ What is the most fascinating mountain pass in the north?

    • There are a few fascinating mountain passes in the north, but one of these passes is in Ha Giang – Ma Pi Leng Pass.

9️⃣ How large is the railway in the north?

    • Railway is not so large, and various places are accessible only by bus, motorbike, check it: Vietnam Railway Map.

🔟 What are the less visited provinces in northern Vietnam?

    • The less visited provinces in the north of Vietnam are: Cao Bang, Lai Chau, Son La or Yen Bai.

➡️ We would like to visit Phu Quoc Island, how to get there from Hanoi?

➡️ Coronavirus in Vietnam, what to watch out for?

    • What is the current situation about Coronavirus in Vietnam, health precautions, check it: Coronavirus in Vietnam.

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