The Best Beaches in the North + Map ⛱️

The best beaches in northern Vietnam + Google Map. Photo: Quan Lan Island.

Also in northern Vietnam you can find a nice and large beaches.

Vietnam has a lot of beaches, but we could say, lots of them you will find in central and southern Vietnam. But also in northern Vietnam you can visit some of the nice and very large beaches. Most of them are located in Quảng Ninh province, Thanh Hoa province or Nghệ An province. Lots of beaches are small and they are hidden in on the islands in Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay.

A lot of these beaches are overcrowded by locals and visitors.

Vietnam has almost 100 million inhabitants. And about 15 million foreign tourists visit Vietnam every year. Yes, of course a lot of these people visit beaches or buy boat trips eg. in Ha Long Bay or Cat Ba Island. Lots of these beaches are big tourists sites, but also several of them are visited mainly by locals. It is good to know, the main and the biggest tourist site is Ha Long Bay and nearby beaches and islands.

Beaches in the north of Vietnam – Map:


1. Beaches on the Cat Ba Island, Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay:

Numerous beaches you will find in Ha Long Bay and numerous beaches are hidden in nearby islands and bays (Lan Ha Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay). Sometimes it is not so easy to get in some hidden beaches on these islands, you need to buy boat trip or private tour.

Ha Long Bay > Bai Chay beach, Tuan Chau beach (tourist site), Cat Co beach (1,2,3) + Tùng Thu beach on Cat Ba Island, Ti Top Island, Monkey Island,  Nam Cat Island…other tens and hundreds of them on the small islands.
Quan Lan Island > Son Hao beach, Min Chau beach, Quan Lan beach (Thien Hoa)
Co To Island > Van Chay beach, Tinh Yeu beach, Hong Van beach, Bac Van beach
Other beaches > Do Son beach (Hai Phong), Van Don beach (Cai Rong), Tra Co beach (Móng Cái)

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How to get to Ha Long from Hanoi?

How to get to Cat Ba from Hanoi?

Book hotel / stay in Ha Long Bay

Beaches on Cat Ba Island.
Numerous small beaches you will find in Lan Ha Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay, Ha Long
Ha Long Bay – one of the biggest tourist site in northern Vietnam.

2. Beaches in the Thanh Hóa Province:

Thanh Hóa City and province the same name is about 170 km from Hanoi. There are several large and nice beaches, visited mainly by Vietnamese. It is not so frequented by foreign tourists but mainly by locals. From Hanoi you can go by train (about 3,5 hours) to Thanh Hoa City. It is not so hard to get here.

Thanh Hóa City > Sam Son beach (tourist site), Hải Tiến beach, Vinh Sơn beach, Quảng Nham beach
Other beaches > Hai Han, Hai Hoa (about 45 km from Thanh Hoa City), Bai Dong beach, Quỳnh Phương beach (Hoàng Mai)

3. Beaches in the Nghệ An Province:

Hoàng Mai City > Quỳnh Phương, Quỳnh Lương…and other beaches
Vinh > Bãi Lữ + Cua Lo beaches

4. Beaches in the Hà Tĩnh Province:

Vinh > Vân Hải, Xuân Thành, Xuân Yen…
South of Ha Tinh City
> Thiên Cầm

How to get to Thanh Hoa from Hanoi?

Book hotel / stay in Thanh Hoa

Hai Hoa beach in Thanh Hoa province.
Hai Hoa beach in Thanh Hoa province.
Sam Son beach in Thanh Hoa.
Sam Son beach in Thanh Hoa.

A common problem of beaches in southeast Asia:

1. Pollution of beaches
> The relatively a big problem of beaches in Southeast Asia is the latest pollution and waste on the public beaches. This problem has affected also Vietnam, and here you will see some beaches polluted or clogged mainly by plastic rubbish. However, it does not apply everywhere and all the time, some beaches are regularly cleaned, especially beaches at the hotel resorts.

2. Overcrowded beaches > Another problem is overcrowded beaches in Vietnam. Vietnam has over 95 million inhabitants, so it is to be expected, there are a lot of overcrowded beaches mainly in the season and hot days.

Beach in Ha Long Bay.
Hong Van beach in Co To Island in the no tourist season.
Minh Chau beach in Quan Lan Island in the no tourist season.

Frequently asked questions – Beaches in northern Vietnam:

What are the most popular beaches in northern Vietnam?

    • The most popular and visited beaches of northern Vietnam are located in Halong Bay (Quang Ninh province), Thanh province, Nghe An province and Ha Tinh province.

How to travel from Hanoi to Halong Bay?

    • From Hanoi to Halong Bay or Cat Ba Island or Tuan Chau Island you can travel by bus, minivan, train or private car. There are also sightseeing flights to Tuan Chau Island. Read this article: How to reach Halong Bay from Hanoi?.

How to travel from Hanoi to Thanh Hoa?

Can you swim in Vietnam beaches?

    • You can swim in the most beaches in Vietnam. But you should be careful if you are visiting the beaches in the no tourist season, in this season the swimming could be dangerous.

Are there private beaches in Vietnam?

    • Yes, there are also private beaches of various tourist resorts. But the most beaches in Vietnam are available to the general public free of charge.

Where are the most visited beaches in northern Vietnam?

    • The most visited beaches in northern Vietnam are located in Halong Bay. Thousands of tourists visit this place every day. If you want to skip these beaches you can go to Quan Lan or Co To Islands. These islands are accessible from Cai Rong port in Van Don district.

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