Nguom Ngao Cave in Cao Bang — “Tiger Cave”

Nguom Ngao Cave (Tiger Cave) in Cao Bang province.

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Nguom Ngao Cave (Tiger Cave) – you should not miss this cave in Cao Bang.

    • Nguom Ngao Cave is probably the most beautiful and bigger cave in Cao Bang province, one of the most beautiful caves in northern Vietnam. The most visited place in this province is Ban Gioc Waterfalls at the Chinese border, and this cave is just 3 km away from the waterfalls and is easily accessible. If you are heading to the waterfalls, definitely take some time to visit this cave.
    • Nguom Ngao Cave (also known as Tiger Cave) is a total length of less than 3 km and a depth of about 60 m, but for the public and tourists only a section of 1 km is open. In the future, it is possible that the length for the public will increase. Nguom Ngao Cave is located at Gun village (Trung Khanh district).
The road to the Nguom Ngao Cave in Cao Bang.

Nguom Ngao Cave was discovered in 1921 and opened for tourists in 1996.

    • Nguom Ngao Cave is also named as “Tiger Cave”. Why? The name originates from a local legend that says many fierce tigers used to live in the cave. In the cave you go through various chambers, alleys, to the smaller to the largest, where you can see a formation like lotus flower. The craters are smaller, large in size and display different shapes such as rice fields, ships, flowers or corals.

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    • The cave also has an underground stream that runs to the nearby Quay Son River, which continues to the Ban Gioc Waterfalls, and a part of the creek is also one of the two cave floors. The open part for tourists is the 2nd storey of this cave. A visit to the Nguon Ngao Cave will take you about 1-1.5 hour. At the cave outside, you can buy some souvenirs or refresh yourself with some local dishes, there is also a car park for vehicles.
There is a parking lot at the Nguom Ngao Cave.

The best way how to get to Nguom Ngao Cave is to travel by motorbike (if you can).

    • Nguom Ngao Cave is located about 80 km from Cao Bang. There are some local buses between Cao Bang and Ban Gioc Waterfalls, but you need to find the timetable in the city at the bus station. If you can – travel by motorbike, on your own. Cao Bang offers amazing nature sceneries.

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    • The whole DT206 road is very nice and in a good condition, you will be traveling through several scenic areas, villages, it is not so complicated and you can stop for taking pictures and definitely you will stop. If you come to Ban Gioc Waterfalls you can stay there eg. 2 days and explore this area.

1. Travel by motorbike on your own
2. Travel with a tourist agency (1-3 day tours)
3. Travel by local bus from Cao Bang to Ban Gioc Waterfalls

Tourists in the Nguom Ngao Cave (Tiger Cave) in Cao Bang.

What is the best time to visit Nguom Ngao Cave in Cao Bang province?

    • You can visit the Nguom Ngao Cave throughout the year. But you will go also to Ban Gioc Falls, so… The best season for Ban Gioc Falls are mostly summer months (May-September), when the water is mostly clean and transparent. But, this is a monsoon period and therefore occasional heavy rainfall can not be ruled out.

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    • In the winter months – dry season, there may be less water, the water is not so clean and some services (accommodation, food …) on site may be limited, but there is no monsoon season and not so many tourists. In the winter it can also be very cold, so take your warm clothes.
Move slowly and carefully in Nguom Ngao Cave.

icon-info-circle FAQ + TIPS – Nguom Ngao Cave in Cao Bang:

How to travel from Hanoi to Cao Bang / Nguom Ngao Cave?

    • You can travel by various sleeper buses from My Dinh or Gia Lam bus stations in Hanoi. Travel by sleeper tourist bus or minivan from Hanoi to Cao Bang takes about 7-10 hours and the bus tickets costs about 8-12 USD. There is no railway connection between Hanoi and Cao Bang province.
    • Read full story: How to go from Hanoi to Cao Bang?

How to travel from Cao Bang to Nguom Ngao Cave?

    • The best option is to travel by motorbike, but drive carefully. This road – DT206 is in a very good condition and the area is scenic, you can stop everywhere and make photos. You can also travel by local bus from Cao Bang town to Ban Gioc Waterfalls, waterfall is about 2,5 km from the cave.

What is the size of the Nguom Ngao Cave in Cao Bang?

    • Nguom Ngao Cave is about 3 km long and the depth is about 60 m. Tourists can visit 1 km long section. In the near future this section for tourists probably will increase.

When is the best time to visit Nguom Ngao Cave?

    • Theoretically, you can visit the Nguom Ngao Cave throughout the year. The best time to visit Ban Gioc Waterfalls is during the summer time from May to September when it rains sometimes so you can see a big waterfall, but it is good to know, it is a monsoon season in Vietnam.

What is the opening time of the Nguom Ngao Cave?

    • The opening time of the Nguon Ngao Cave is Monday to Sunday – 7-18.

How much does a ticket to the Nguom Ngao Cave cost?

    • Price of the tickets is about 40 000 VND/pp (can change).

Is it possible to buy some food/snacks at the Nguom Ngao Cave?

    • Yes, you can buy there some snacks, local food, but it’s a little bit limited. You can also buy some tourist souvenirs.

Where is the Nguom Ngao Cave?

    • Nguom Ngao Cave is about 80 km from Cao Bang town, Gun village, Trung Khanh district. It is only about 3 km from the Ban Gioc Waterfalls. Nguom Ngao Cave is also a part of the Non Nuoc Cao Bang Geopark, written in UNESCO heritage list.

Is it possible to stay at the Nguom Ngao Cave? Is there some accommodation?

    • Yes, there are some types of accommodation near Ban Gioc Falls but also at the Nguom Ngao Cave. Mainly there are some local homestays. You can try for example these homestays, about 1 km from the cave.

Accommodation at the Nguom Ngao Cave (Homestay):

May Linh Homestay at the Nguom Ngao Cave (photo: Agoda).
Hoang Cong Homestay at the Nguom Ngao Cave (photo: Agoda).
Map of Nguom Ngao Cave and Ban Gioc Waterfalls in Cao Bang province.

Nguom Ngao Cave (Tiger Cave) in Cao Bang – Photos:

Nguom Ngao Cave contains several larger chambers, you will be touched.
Most chambers in the Nguom Ngao Cave are enlightened, still move with care.
There is also a section where you have to look out for your head.
Nguom Ngao Cave is visited mainly by tourists from Asia.
In the Nguom Ngao Cave you will see a lot of small but also larger chambers and stalactites.
Be careful in the Nguom Ngao Cave when walking, you can fall into the water.
A huge stalagmite in the Nguom Ngao Cave.
Lotus stalactites (Lotus flower) in the Nguom Ngao Cave.
At the exit of the Nguom Ngao Cave in Cao Bang.

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