Tea Plantations — Đồi chè Trái Tim (Moc Chau)

Trái Tim Tea Plantations (Đồi chè Trái Tim) are located close to Moc Chau town.

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Đồi chè Trái Tim – large and beautiful tea plantations close to Moc Chau.

    • Northern Vietnam is also the site of many large tea plantations, and Vietnam itself is a major exporter of tea worldwide. One very important place is the city of Moc Chau (province of Son La) and its surroundings, where there are huge areas of tea plantations. You can try teas there and even buy them at quite interesting prices, which is why these plantations have become a tourist attraction for many travelers.
    • One such interesting and photogenic place is the Đồi chè Trái Tim tea plantations, which are close to the city and easily accessible. Đồi chè means – in Vietnamese – tea plantations and Trái Tim means – „heart“ as a symbol, so create original name yourself. This site is also called as Tea Hill of Moc Chau. But you may see the heart symbol depicted here from the tea tree plants directly on these plantations.
Hmong costumes can be bought or rented on site at the tea plantations of Trái Tim.

Trái Tim tea plantations are a popular site, especially for domestic tourists.

    • You probably won’t see too many foreign tourists on the Trái Tim tea plantations. Mainly Vietnamese tourists and travelers come to visit this site. The place is very photogenic, ideal for photos of tea and plantations. They are photogenic mainly in March – April, in spring, when tea trees begin to bloom. In addition, right next to the plantations there is a small tea hill on which you can walk along the marked path and see the beauty of this area from the hill.

Where to stay in Moc Chau

    • There are also stalls at the entrance to the plantations where you can buy or taste local tea, and light snacks are also sold here. The plantations are a short walk from Chồ Lổng village and you can also buy hot food here. Ethnic costumes of the Hmong, popular by Vietnamese visitors, who dress in them and then take photos or walk through the plantations, are also rented directly at the plantations. The place is popular for growing Oolong or Shan Tuyet tea.
You can also buy tea at these plantations, such as Shan Tuyet or Oolong from Moc Chau.

How to get and travel to Trái Tim tea plantations?

    • Trái Tim tea plantations (Đồi chè Trái Tim or Tea Hill of Moc Chau) are located 15 km north of the center of Moc Chau town. The most suitable option is to rent a motorbike / scooter in the city (or where you stay) and travel on your own. You can also continue on a motorbike to other places in the area. The road is asphalt to the village of Chồ Lổng. Personally, I don’t know about some local bus to Chồ Lổng, another option is to travel by private taxi from the city.

Bus Tickets to Moc Chau

    • Moc Chau can be reached from Hanoi by bus, private minivan or motorbike, by car. There is no railway and there is no airport in Moc Chau. The journey from Hanoi to Moc Chau can take about 4-4.5 hours by bus/minivan and you can buy bus tickets online. I recommend to visit Moc Chau if you are already in Mai Chau or Son La. A motorbike or scooter is a must for exploring and moving around Moc Chau town.
The Trái tim (Đồi chè Trái tim) tea plantations in Moc Chau are extensive and photogenic.

When you can visit Trái tim tea plantations in Moc Chau?

    • Moc Chau and nearby area and also the tea plantations in this place, is worth a visit in the spring. The whole area in Moc Chau blooms in the spring, even the tea on the local plantations, so everything is just more beautiful. But beware, you can come here all year round, for example, autumn is also not a bad choice. I don’t know about the official opening hours, so you can just come and see them throughout the day.

Book your trip in Vietnam

    • It is better to avoid visiting and not only these tea plantations but also Moc Chau in the rainy / monsoon season. In the summer months there may be a threat of longer rains and the terrain becomes muddy to almost impassable. An exception are not even smaller dirt roads around the town of Moc Chau. It is therefore better to choose a period when there is no risk of rain or flood. Moc Chau has quite a pleasant climate and temperatures (eg around 20 ° C). In the winter months, some days can be very cold, especially in the evening.
Tea Hill near the Trái Tim tea plantations, there is marked path to this hill.

What are the accommodation capacities in Moc Chau?

    • The town of Moc Chau and the surrounding area offer a number of different accommodation capacities. Dominated mainly by homestays, cottages, bungalows and smaller hotels or guesthouses in the city. The offer is quite wide and you can stay in interesting places, in nature, near plantations or in nearby forests. You can choose and book accommodation in Moc Chau online.

icon-home A selection of well-rated accommodation in Moc Chau:
Moc Chau Cottage Homestay
Lavallee Bungalow
Doi House
Green Hotel Moc Chau
Phoenix Moc Chau Hotel

Lavalle Bungalow in Moc Chau – private cottages, bungalows or rooms for tourists (photo: Agoda).
Doi House in Moc Chau – another popular option, private small houses, bungalows for tourists (photo: Agoda).

FAQ + Travel Tips – Trái Tim tea plantations in Moc Chau:

1️⃣ Where are Trái Tim tea plantations (Đồi chè Trái tim) located?

    • The Trái Tim tea plantations (Đồi chè Trái tim or Tea Hill of Moc Chau) are located near the villages of Chồ Lổng and Ba Kenn, 15 km north of the town of Moc Chau in northern Vietnam, Son La province.

2️⃣ How to get to Trái Tim tea plantations (Đồi chè Trái tim)?

    • Trái Tim tea plantations can be reached by motorbike or private taxi from Moc Chau. Quite a decent asphalt road DT104 leads to the village of Chồ Lổng without much traffic. Motorbike / scooter for exploring the area is necessary, you can use Google maps for navigation. The city of Moc Chau is accessible by bus, minivans from Hanoi or Son La.

3️⃣ What is the entrance fee to the Trái Tim tea plantations?

    • The tea plantations are freely accessible, I personally did not pay any entrance fees and no one wanted anything from me. However, the official entrance fee is said to be about 20,000 VND. Some tourist attractions may be charged, such as a photo on horseback or a walk to the hill.

4️⃣ Is it possible to buy something at the tea plantations?

    • Yes, at the plantations you can buy various teas (Oolong, Shan Thuyet…) and light snacks in the adjacent stalls. Hot meals in a nearby village. It is also possible to rent or buy ethnic Hmong costumes or other textiles.

5️⃣ When to visit Trái Tim tea plantations?

    • You can visit the tea plantations all day long, in reality they are actually freely accessible. No official opening hours are known. Some plantation stalls may be closed in low season (eg in winter). It is advisable to choose a period when there is no danger of heavy rain.

6️⃣ Why to visit Trái Tim tea plantations?

    • Trái Tim tea plantations are a short distance from the city, easily accessible and very photogenic. If you want to buy tea for low prices this is another plus for your choice. From here you can also continue to the huge Na Ka plum valley, where plums grow, this valley is about 5 km away.

7️⃣ What are another popular tourists sites in Moc Chau?

    • About 10 km from Moc Chau town, you can visit the attractive Dai Yem Waterfall. This top tourist site is easily accessible by motorbike or scooter, teoretically you can also travel on bicycle. Another less visited and authentic, a bit remoted place, is Chieng Khoa Waterfall, about 30 km from Moc Chau town.


Route map from Moc Chau to Trái Tim tea plantations:

(Trái Tim tea plantations are located 15 km from the town of Moc Chau, easily accessible by motorbike)

From the town of Moc Chau to the tea plantations of Trai Tim, 15 km by road on motorbike.

Tea Plantations — Đồi chè Trái Tim (Moc Chau) – Photos:

View from the hill on the tea plantations of Trái Tim in Moc Chau.
Walking through the tea plantations of Trái Tim in Moc Chau.
Trái Tim tea plantations are very photogenic and are a popular photo shoot.
Great views of the Trái Tim tea plantations in Moc Chau are from the adjacent tea hill.
A typical sceneries of Moc Cha Plateau in Son La province.
Trái Tim is not the only tea plantation in Moc Chau, there are a large number of them around the city.

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