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Chieng Khoa Waterfall (Thác Chiềng Khoa) close to Moc Chau is a beautiful 7-floor waterfall in an authentic location of Son La province.

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Chieng Khoa Waterfall – another authentic place, close to Moc Chau town.

    • Moc Chau is a place which is worth the attention of Northwest Vietnam, located in the province of Son La. In addition to the fact that not many foreign tourists come here, mainly Vietnamese tourists visit this town, it offers beautiful nature with ethnic villages around the whole city. As a shorter stopover for a few days, I definitely recommend not to miss the town of Moc Chau in the northwest if you are able to travel and explore the area on motorbike / scooter.
    • One of the most interesting places around Moc Chau is Chieng Khoa Waterfall (Thác Chiềng Khoa in Vân Hồ) in the small village of the same name. This is a place where foreign tourists do not travel. The place is known more to Vietnamese travelers, however, it is possible that in the near future this place will be more famous for everyone and will become a tourist site. Chieng Khoa is a small and remoted village.
One of the views of Chiang Khoa Waterfall in Son La province.

Chieng Khoa Waterfall is about 30 km from Moc Chau, accessible on motorbike.

    • Chieng Khoa Waterfall is located outside the tourist destinations and places of the province of Son La. You will not find any tourist hotels or large resorts or historical monuments in the area. Nature, mountain sceneries and tea plantations nearby, small villages and a 7-floor large beautiful waterfall, you can see it all if you go on a trip to this place. Each of the floors of this waterfall is approximately 5-10 m high.

Where to stay in Moc Chau

    • Although the place is one of the less visited places, it depends on when you come here. It may happen that if you come out of season (in winter months), there will not be a foot here, but it may also happen that you come here and some Vietnamese tourists will be here. It’s just a coincidence. There are no restaurants or hotels in the area, but sometimes there may be local restaurant to cook for you. However, I recommend to take some snacks with you. In a nearby village, but also along the way, it is possible to buy something small to eat. It cannot be ruled out that in time some permanent restaurant will be built here.
About 3 km from Chieng Khoa Waterfall (Thác Chiềng Khoa) near the village of the same name.

How to get to Chieng Khoa Waterfall? Private transfer or motorcycle.

    • Chieng Khoa Waterfall is located about 30 km from the town of Moc Chau, Son La Province, the village of Chieng Khoa. It is a small village that lies between tea plantations and rice terraces. It is a non-touristy place and there are no public buses or train to Chieng Khoa. So you must take a private transfer (possible taxi from the town of Moc Chau) or rent a motorcycle – scooter, it is quite an easy way to the waterfall. You can rent a motorbike, for example, in the town of Moc Chau (try to ask directly at the hotel, stay) and the travel time to the Chieng Khoa is about 1.5 hour.

Tickets from Hanoi to Moc Chau

    • From the town of Moc Chau to Chieng Khoa, there is only one quite good road, see the map. So you will not drive any field paths or forests and you will drive all the way through a very nice passage with views of the mountain ranges, tea plantations and a few rice terraces. Drive slowly and carefully, even if the road to the site is asphalt, occasionally there may be holes in the road or a damaged road, but only in exceptional cases. Be sure to refuel a full tank for your motorcycle and pack some drink + snack.
Similar images of tea plantations are almost all the way to Chieng Khoa Waterfall from Moc Chau.

When to go to Chieng Khoa Waterfall, what is the best time for visit?

    • You can visit Chieng Khoa Waterfall all year round. The bes time to visit Chieng Khoa Waterfall could be in the fall, when the weather is still quite warm until 20-25 °C. The same is true as in other parts of northern Vietnam, meaning that in the monsoon season, the roads to the waterfall may be less passable. If the weather is very rainy or the flood period, for example, I recommend to choose another time to visit this place.

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In the monsoon / rainy season, the waterfall can be very flooded.

    • If it is the monsoon season (summer months), the waterfall can be very flooded and swimming can be dangerous. Swimming is possible, but I strongly recommend, be very careful, because there are enough sharp stones in the water, if there is an accident, you also do not have to call for any help. I would rather not recommend swimming on my own at this place and I leave it to your discretion and I don’t even have the opportunity to influence it in any way. Definitely avoid jumping from heights into the water, it’s dangerous, there are a lot of stones in the water.
Although it may not seem so, the Chieng Khoa waterfall is quite extensive, the view from the lower floor of the waterfall.

Where to stay in Moc Chau? Homestay, private bungalow or hotel?

    • It is not possible to accommodate at Chieng Khoa Waterfall unless you find a homestay in a nearby village.There are no hotels and resorts on site, so the best option is to stay in Moc Chau town and go on a short trip to this place. Moc Chau offers various forms of accommodation – homestays, bungalows, guesthouses but also a few quality hotels for demanding tourists. Prices are low, the cheapest option is usually a homestay and there are also some cheaper guesthouses.

icon-home Accommodation in Moc Chau (very well rated):
The November – Moc Chau
Moc Chau Cottage Homestay
Lavallee Bungalow
Doi House
Green Hotel Moc Chau
Phoenix Moc Chau Hotel
Muong Thanh Holiday Hotel

Lavalle Bungalow in Moc Chau – tourist resort, cottages, bungalows (photo: Agoda).
Doi House in Moc Chau – accommodation for travelers, backpackers (photo: Agoda).

Frequently asked questions – Chieng Khoa Waterfall:

1️⃣ How to travel to Moc Chau from Hanoi?

    • From Hanoi to Moc Chau you can get only by bus, minivan or motorcycle. There is no railway to Moc Chau and there is no airport. The bus journey takes about 4 hours and you can buy bus tickets online, prices start at about 9 USD/pp. There are also very comfortable private minivans.
    • book bus tickets to Moc Chau town from Hanoi online with Baolau or

2️⃣ How to get to Chieng Khoa Waterfall from Moc Chau town?

    • From Moc Chau town to Chieng Khoa Waterfall, you can drive only by private car or motorbike. There are no public buses or trains to this site. The road on a motorcycle is suitable for more experienced motorbike drivers. The journey on a motorcycle takes approximately 1.5 hour, depending of course on whether you will stop along the way.

3️⃣ What is the entrance fee to Chieng Khoa Waterfall?

    • According to the latest information, it should be about 30 000 VND, for parking a motorcycle about 10 000 VND. If you come here out of season (eg in winter) no entrance fee may be charged. It is therefore individual according to attendance. This information may change over time.

4️⃣ How big is the Chieng Khoa Waterfall?

    • Chieng Khoa Waterfall has a total of a few hundred meters in length and has a total of 7 floors, each of which is about 5-10 m high.

5️⃣ Is it possible to buy any food and drink at Chieng Khoa Waterfall?

    • There is no typical tourist restaurant, in the season it is possible that there will be a few stalls with some refreshments.

6️⃣ Is it possible to accommodate at Chieng Khoa Waterfall?

    • No, there are no tourist hotels or resorts on site. In nearby villages it is possible that you will see some homestay. It cannot be ruled out, that over time some accommodation will be build here. As a base for visiting I recommend to stay in Moc Chau town.

7️⃣ Where is Chieng Khoa Waterfall?

    • Chieng Khoa Waterfall is located in the village of the same name, about 30 km east of Moc Chau town, it is a part of Son La province. The waterfall is surrounded by a hilly valley and it is a non-touristy place without extremely high traffic. Moc Chau is about 200 km from Hanoi.

8️⃣ When to visit Chieng Khoa Waterfall?

    • Theoretically, you can come there at any time. The best time for visit may be autumn. If you are here in the monsoon season – summer months, I recommend to watch the weather forecast, because in the very rainy season, the roads can be harder to navigate and the waterfall can be very flooded.

9️⃣ Why to visit Chieng Khoa Waterfall?

    • The whole area is one of the less visited places in North Vietnam and is therefore quite authentic. Along the way you will drive through the tea plantations and several rice terraces, it is an area of ethnic minorities – mostly Hmong, beautiful nature and scenery.

🔟 What else you can also visit at Chieng Khoa Waterfall?

    • You can also visit Thác Nàng Tiên, another beautiful waterfall about 2 km before Chieng Khoa Waterfall. It is popular mainly by Vietnamese, there are no foreign tourists, so this place is still untouched by tourism.

➡️ What to watch out for at Chieng Khoa Waterfall?

    • Be careful when swimming, it is possible that you will see some locals take a bath. However, there are a lot of sharp stones and bumps in the water, and swimming or jumping into the water can be very dangerous. As it is a remote location, far from the city, calling for help can be a problem.


Route map from Moc Chau to Chieng Khoa Waterfall:

(this is the main travel route to Chieng Khoa Waterfall, with a few exceptions quite a good road).

This is the main travel route from Moc Chau town to Chiang Khoa Waterfall.

Chieng Khoa Waterfall and surroundings near Moc Chau – Photos:

On the way to the village of Chieng Khoa, view from the main road of QL43 near the town of Moc Chau.
Chieng Khoa Waterfall (in Vietnamese: Thác Chiềng Khoa) is a part of Son La province.
One of the upper floors of the Chieng Khoa Waterfall, waterfall is surrounded by nature.
Tea plantations near the village of Chieng Khoa, on the way from Moc Chau to Chieng Khoa Waterfall.
Hilly surrounding behind the village of Chieng Khoa, in the middle of the photo you will see another waterfall.
Chieng Khoa Waterfall in the village of Chieng Khoa, Son La province.
Down below the Chieng Khoa Waterfall at Moc Chau.
You will drive through the tea plantations on the way to Chieng Khoa Waterfall from Moc Chau.
On the road from Chieng Khoa to Moc Chau.

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