Hang Doi Cave in Moc Chau ➡️ [GUIDE + TIPS]

Doi Cave (Hang Dơi or Động Sơn Mộc Hương) is located directly in the town of Moc Chau, Son La Province.

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Doi Cave (Hang Dơi) is easily accessible directly from the town of Moc Chau.

    • The town of Moc Chau in the province of Son La is not so visited tourist destination. The city center itself doesn’t really offer much, but beautiful surroundings around the city full of tea plantations and beautiful nature can be found there. However, even in the town of Moc Chau, a few minutes walk from the center, there is one interesting place to see and it is The Doi Cave (Vietnamese Hang Dơi, or also The Cave of Bats).
    • Doi Cave (Hang Dơi or Động Sơn Mộc Hương) is quite a larger cave, it is definitely not just a small hole in the rock. And since it’s easily accessible without a guide, you shouldn’t miss this place if you’re already in Moc Chau. Just go up about 250 steps uphill and then you will also have a nice view of the Moc Chau town.
View from the Doi Cave (Hang Doi) to the town of Moc Chau.

Doi Cave is not so visited place by foreign tourists in Moc Chau town.

    • Although Doi Cave is located directly in the town of Moc Chau, it is not so visited place by tourists. You will probably see only Vietnamese visitors or travelers, for foreign tourists it is rather neglected (like the whole area of Moc Chau). You can’t buy anything right next to the cave, but you can have a snack by the main QL43 road under the cave, which leads to the city center and various restaurants and snacks start here. E.g. Ding Tea just opposite the stairs by the road, offers a wide range of drinks, shaks, teas, lemonades and even meals.

Where to stay in Moc Chau

    • Doi Cave has a total area of about 6915 m², several smaller chambers and one fairly large chamber. The main large chamber is several tens of meters wide. Stalactite blocks in the cave in various shapes are associated with legends. Many archeological monuments, cultural artifacts have been discovered in the cave and the cave is associated with the legend of the flying dragon over the town of Moc Chau. It was also a military base of the Vietnamese army in the wars against France and America.
Hang Doi Cave in Moc Chau is also associated with historical legends and inside there are several buddhist altars.

How to get to Doi Cave? You can walk from the town, it is very close.

    • Doi Cave is located only about 600m from the Moc Chau town center (see map below). So you can combine the visit as part of your tour of the city. From the main road QL43, stairs (about 250 steps) lead directly to the cave, there are also markings and you can park a motorbike at the bottom of the road. The stairs to the cave start opposite the Ding Tea restaurant and snack bar, where you can get refreshments, great drinks and the food is not bad.

Tickets to Moc Chau from Hanoi

    • The main destination is the city of Moc Chau. You can get to Moc Chau, for example, by bus or minivan from Hanoi, the journey takes about 4 hours. You can also come to the city by bus from Son La town or by bus from Mai Chau. There is no railway to Moc Chau and there is no airport. The last option is to travel with motorbike, for exploring the surroundings near the city, or for other trips around the area, it is almost necessary.
The largest chamber in Doi Cave – Hang Doi, the width is several tens of meters.

When can you visit Doi Cave in Moc Chau? What are the opening hours?

    • You can visit the Doi Cave in Moc Chau all year round. If you want to explore the surroundings in Moc Chau, it is better to choose a period outside the monsoon months. But of course you can also come in a good summer month. Doi Cave is open every day from 6 am to 5 pm, I personally visited the cave in the morning and did not pay any entrance fees (officialy it is 10 000 VND), almost no one, except the 3 visitors inside, was there. However, I do not rule out that an entrance fee may change over time.

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    • As the surroundings around the town of Moc Chau are dotted with various smaller dirt roads and paths, it is better to choose the period outside the monsoon months (outside the summer months). Unfortunately, in the summer months it can be a more rainy season and sometimes the roads outside the city can be less passable. And you really don’t want to ride a motorcycle in the mud. In the winter months can be very cold in the evening.
You can also sit in Doi Cave in Moc Chau.

Where and how can you stay in Moc Chau? Homestay, bungalow or hotel.

    • It is suitable to stay in the city or in the vicinity of the city. There are a lot of offers and there are also various homestays, bungalows or cottages in nature or close to tea plantations, as well as smaller hotels and guesthouses. The cheapest option is usually homestay, but there are also high-quality private cottages and houses at higher prices. If you want to rent a motorcycle, I recommend to ask right where you will be accommodated.

icon-home Accommodation in Moc Chau (the best reviews):

Moc Chau Cottage Homestay
Lavallee Bungalow
Doi House
Green Hotel Moc Chau
Phoenix Moc Chau Hotel
Muong Thanh Holiday Hotel

Lavalle Bungalow in Moc Chau – private cottages, bungalows for tourists (photo: Agoda).
Doi House in Moc Chau – private small houses or bungalows for travelers (photo: Agoda).

FAQ + Travel Tips – Doi Cave (Hang Doi) in Moc Chau:

1️⃣ How it is posible to travel from Hanoi to Moc Chau?

    • The only way to get to Moc Chau is to travel by bus / minivan or private transfer. The journey by minivan / bus from Hanoi to Moc Chau takes about 4 hours. You can also come on a motorcycle if you are a more experienced motorcycle driver. Motorbike is the best option for exploring Moc Chau.
    • you can buy bus tickets to Moc Chau easily online with Baolau or 12go.asia

2️⃣ How to get to Doi Cave (Hang Doi)?

    • Doi Cave is within walking distance of Moc Chau town center. The cave is located about 600m from the center directly on the QL43 road.There are stairs from this road directly to the cave.

3️⃣ What is the entrance fee to Doi Cave (Hang Doi)?

    • The official price of admission is 10,000 VND, but in the future this price can change.

4️⃣ How large is the Doi Cave (Hang Doi)?

    • The area of the Doi Cave is a total of about 6195 m². The largest chamber in the cave is several tens of meters wide.

5️⃣ Is it possible to buy something at the cave?

    • No, directly at the cave it is not possible, but you can buy snacks right on the main road in the town, under the stairs that lead up to the cave. Ding Tea is opposite of this stairs.

6️⃣ When to visit Doi Cave (Hang Doi)?

    • You can visit the Doi Cave – Hang Doi all year round, it is open every day, from 6 am to 5 pm (on public holidays, this opening hours can be different).

7️⃣ Why to visit Doi Cave (Hang Doi)?

    • Although it is rather neglected for foreign tourists, it is a nice large and easily accessible cave and one of the main attractions in the town center of Moc Chau.

8️⃣ Where to go next from Doi Cave?

    • Another popular tourist attraction close to Moc Chau town is Dai Yem Waterfall. Dai Yem Waterfall is about 8km from Doi Cave and is easily accessible by motorbike or bicycle.


Map location of Doi Cave (Hang Doi) in Moc Chau:

(the cave is located about 600m from the town center, the stairs to the cave lead directly from the main road)

Position of Doi Cave (Hang Dơi or Động Sơn Mộc Hương) in Moc Chau.

Photos of the Doi Cave (Hang Doi) in Moc Chau town:

Not far from the entrance to Doi Cave in Moc Chau.
Another of several Buddhist altars in Doi Cave – Hang Doi.
Buddhist altar in Doi Cave (Hang Doi), there are several of these altars in the cave.
Stairs leading from the main road in Moc Chau to Doi Cave.
Opposite the stairs to Doi Cave on the main road, you can buy a snack or drink at Ding Tea.

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