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Lung Khuy Cave in Ha Giang province (Quan Ba district).

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Lung Khuy Cave – you should visit this beautiful place if you are in Tam Son.

    • Lung Khuy Cave (Động Lùng Khúy) – almost easily accessible cave near the town of Tam Son (Quan Ba District) in Ha Giang Province. Ha Giang Province is one of the most interesting places in the north of Vietnam, thanks to Dong Van Karst Global Geopark. Lung Khuy Cave is also part of this geopark. If you travel to this province, you should definitely visit this place, it’s near the QL4c road.
    • The cave is located in a mountain area between the mountains and there are a few ethnic villages in the area, and you can still watch the lives of ethnic minorities. Lung Khuy Cave is approximately 300m long and was open to the public and foreign tourists in the end of 2015.
There is a village between these hills from where you can go to the Lung Khuy Cave.

How to get to the Lung Khuy Cave? You can travel by motorbike / mototaxi.

    • Lung Khuy Cave is easily accessible from the town of Tam Son (Quan Ba district). The cave is located about 7 km from the town of Tam Son and the entire road (see below) is concrete, made to the village under the cave. You can ride a motorbike or use some mototaxi if you do not travel with a travel agency. If you come to the village, you have to walk about 1.5 km uphill to the entrance to the cave, the way is marked and you can not get lost. Motorbikes are left in the village (paid small car park).

    ➜ How to get from Hanoi Ha Giang?

    • The journey will also offer some interesting views of the surroundings and mountain areas. The town of Tam Son is located about 50 km from the city of Ha Giang and can be your first major stop in this province. There are some small local buses from Ha Giang town to Tam Son, exact departure times are at the Ha Giang bus stop or ask the hotel.
After arriving in the village you must walk about 2 km to the entrance to the Lung Khuy Cave.

The whole area around the Lung Khuy Cave offers beautiful mountain sceneries.

    • Mostly you will see some large stalactites, other cave formations, or cave ponds. Throughout the cave, you can easily walk around the built paths, have a ready-made and borrowed flashlight. Even if you are probably only going to this cave, you will not miss the beautiful surroundings of nature (if there is a good visibility).

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    • The whole area does not belong to the top tourist destinations and therefore the original life in the ethnic villages of the local population is still preserved. You can also see Fairy Mountain (Co Tien), near the town of Tam Son. I recommend to spend a little more time in Tam Son and making walks around, if the weather allows.

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(You can also book bus tickets from Ha Giang to Dong Van online)

In the Lung Khuy Cave you will move on the pre-prepared path.

Where to stay if you want to visit Lung Khuy Cave? Try homestay.

    • There are some guesthouses and cheap hotels in Tam Son town. But you can also try some local homestay in Quan Ba, it is a great experience. A lot of homestays in Quan Ba own Dao ethnic people. Homestay in Quan Ba costs about 10 USD/pp, a lot of homestays have shared rooms and please note: there are limited services. Some homestays have also a parking lot for motorbike. You can book homestay in Quan Ba – Tam Son easily online.

Accommodation in Quan Ba / Tam Son
Accommodation in Ha Giang

Hong Thu Homestay in Quan Ba (photo: Agoda).
Ly Ta Danh Homestay in Quan Ba (photo: Agoda).

What is the best time to visit the Lung Khuy Cave? And what about the weather?

    • You can visit the Lung Khuy Cave all year round, opening hours are Monday-Sunday from 7am to 7pm. However, this is true for other mountain sites in Ha Giang Province, if you can avoid a lot of rainy days, rainy days are mainly in the monsoon season – summer months. In the winter (December – February) it may be very cold in the area and it is also good to have some warm clothes. A suitable weather in Ha Giang is the autumn season or spring.
In the Lung Khuy Cave you will see a lot of very interesting stalactites and formations.

FAQ + TIPS – Lung Khuy Cave in Ha Giang province:

1. How to travel from Hanoi to Ha Giang?

    • The only way (if you are not traveling on a motorbike or with a tour agency) is to take a bus to Ha Giang town. There are various buses/limousines from Hanoi to Ha Giang. You can book bus e-tickets from Hanoi to Ha Giang online. Read also this: How to travel to Dong Van from Ha Giang?
    • Book and buy bus e-tickets + schedule from Hanoi to Ha Giang on Baolau or

2. Where is the Lung Khuy Cave?

    • Lung Khuy Cave is only about 7 km from the town of Tam Son (Quan Ba district), Ha Giang province. Tam Son town is about 50 km from the Ha Giang town. Lung Khuy Cave is a part of the Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark, one of the most amazing mountain sites in the north of Vietnam.

3. How to get from Ha Giang town to Lung Khuy Cave?

    • You can travel by motorbike or by local bus from Ha Giang to Tam Son. Tam Son town is about 7 km from the Lung Khuy Cave. From Tam Son to Lung Khuy Cave is possible to travel by motorbike or you can take a mototaxi (Xe Om) in Tam Son. Traveling on a motorbike in Ha Giang is recommended only for the experienced drivers.

4. I can not drive on a motorbike, how to get there?

    • If you can not drive a motorbike, another option is to use a local motorbike taxi (Xe Om). Ask at the hotel for a moto taxi, usually they know this information or can recommend someone specific, they will help you.

5. How much is the ticket to the Lung Khuy Cave?

    • The entrance to the Lung Khuy Cave is approximately 50 000 VND (can change), in the nearby village there is also parking for motorbikes, about 5 000 – 10 000 VND.

6. How long is the Lung Khuy Cave?

    • Lung Khuy Cave is about 300 m long.

7. What to prepare and what to watch out in Lung Khuy Cave?

    • In the winter, the area and the cave can be very cold, so get warmer clothes. In the cave move slowly and use the borrowed flashlight or your smartphone. It is better if you skip the rainy weather.

8. Is it possible to buy some snacks/food at the Lung Khuy Cave?

    • You can buy only some small snacks/drink at the nearby village, also some tourist souvenirs, but it’s very limited. However, I do not exclude that some new shops/restaurants will grow in the near future.

Accommodation/Homestays in Tam Son (Quan Ba):

▶️ Hostel Hoa Sim
▶️ Ly Danh Homestay
▶️ HomeStay Ly Nam
▶️ Dao Lodge Nam Dam
▶️ Homestay Lý Tà Danh
Lý Thị Chương Homestay


Map of the Lung Khuy Cave, about 7 km from the town of Tam Son.

Lung Khuy Cave in Ha Giang / Quan Ba – Photos:

Fairy Mountain (Co Tien), this place you will see if you go to the cave from the town of Tam Son.
The road to the Lung Khuy Cave is marked by the roadside billboard.
Footpath to the Lung Khuy Cave, the only way how to get there.
A panel with an outline description is installed in front of the Lung Khuy Cave.
Lung Khuy Cave is not the largest but it still offers very nice views and pictures.
Lung Khuy Cave is considered the most beautiful cave in Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark.
Lung Khuy Cave tells legend of Mong ethnic couple.
Lung Khuy Cave is the most interesting tourist site near Tam Son.
Some places in the Lung Khuy Cave are illuminated by reflectors.
In the nearby village you can buy some tourist souvenirs.

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