Lâm Viên Tây Tiến – Monument in Moc Chau

Lâm Viên Tây Tiến is a monument commemorating the war history of Vietnam in the city of Moc Chau.

Lâm Viên Tây Tiến in Moc Chau is a reminder of Vietnam’s war history.

    • The city of Moc Chau is not exactly a place where you could visit some historical monuments or recall the war history of Vietnam. However, you can still visit the newly built Lâm Viên Tây Tiến monument, which commemorates the 52nd Regiment called Tây Tiến, whose task was to coordinate with the Laotian army the firm defense of the country’s border areas during French colonialism.
    • Lâm Viên Tây Tiến monument has an area of about 5000 m², it is newly built and decently maintained over the years. You can also view historical photographs or other sights and documents reminiscent of the war and military history of Vietnam. Tây Tiến Military Regiment was founded in 1947 and consisted mainly of young students – men from Hanoi, who joined the regiment completely voluntarily in order to defend their homeland.
Lâm Viên Tây Tiến monument is quite modern and is easily accessible from the city center of Moc Chau.

The Lâm Viên Tây Tiến Monument in Moc Chau was built in 2006.

    • Lâm Viên Tây Tiến Monument is located in the western part of Moc Chau, built on a small hill of Na Bo, and is easily accessible just off the main road. The memorial is open to the public from 8am – 6pm and admission is only 20,000 VND (may change over time). Part of this monument is also a small viewpoint with long-distance binoculars and a typical house on stilts, where various photographs and other sights are preserved.

    Accommodation in Moc Chau

    • The disadvantage of this memorial is that all the descriptions of the sights are in the Vietnamese language, so the vast majority of tourists will have trouble to understand the deeper context of the history of this military regiment of northwest Vietnam. Although the place is not exactly large or pompous, it is a very important monument to the war history of North Vietnam for the locals and not only them.
In the stilt house at the Lâm Viên Tây Tiến monument, you can see a number of photos of soldiers and other historical sights.

Moc Chau is a town in Son La province – accessible by bus, car or motorbike.

    • Moc Chau is still not so visited site by foreign tourists. Mainly Vietnamese visit this very interesting area, full of tea plantations, beautiful nature. It is a bit remoted place because there is no railway and travel by plane is also not possible because there is no airport. Moc Chau can be reached by bus, minivan, car or motorbike, you can also travel by bus or minivan from Hanoi, it takes about 4-4.5 hours by bus from Hanoi. The most experienced motorbike drivers can travel on motorbike, e.g. from Mai Chau or Son La town.

Map of the location of the Lâm Viên Tây Tiến in Moc Chau:

(The monument is located just off the main road QL43 leading to the city of Son La)

The position of the monument Lâm Viên Tây Tiến, about 4 km west of the center of Moc Chau.

Lâm Viên Tây Tiến Monument in Moc Chau – Photos:

Lâm Viên Tây Tiến also has a viewpoint, from here you can see the wide surroundings of Moc Chau town.
Vietnamese soldiers on the wall of the Lâm Viên Tây Tiến monument in Moc Chau.
A view of the Lâm Viên Tây Tiến monument in Moc Chau.
The monument of Lâm Viên Tây Tiến was built in 2006 as a tribute to Vietnamese soldiers.
The monument also includes a house where you can see various historical photographs of Vietnamese soldiers and other officials.

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