Ban Ang Village + Phoenix Resort — Moc Chau

The tourist village of Ang (Bản Áng) and Phoenix Resort are located a short walk from the center of Moc Chau.

Ang Village (Bản Áng) in Moc Chau is today a popular tourist attraction.

    • Recently, the city of Moc Chau has changed a bit and some places have been converted into tourist attractions or private resorts. One such place is the Ang Village (Bán Áng) and the adjacent artificial lake, pine forest and homestay accommodation in the area also known as Phoenix Mộc Châu Resort – Rừng Thông Bản Áng (Rừng Thông – means pine forest). Personally, however, I consider Moc Chau (especially the surroundings around the city) to be one of the very interesting places and I recommend to visit if you are in northwestern Vietnam.
    • Phoenix Mộc Châu Resort in the village of Ang is a place for fun, relaxation, but also with the possibility of accommodation in nature, such as bungalows or homestay. Visiting nearby fruit farms, flower gardens, rides on an artificial lake (Hồ Bản Áng) and Vietnamese favorites photo selfie spots in various places. It is easily accessible from the city of Moc Chau and therefore mainly Vietnamese tourists come to enjoy the fun.
Entrance to the Phoenix Mộc Châu Resort in the Ang Village, you can park a motorbike right at the entrance.

Ang Village (Bản Áng) is easily accessible from the city by bicycle or motorbike.

    • Ang Village (Bản Áng) and Phoenix Mộc Châu Resort are easily accessible from Moc Chau (Son La province). It is located only 3.5 km from the town center, so theoretically you can come there on foot. Motorcycle parking is provided right next to or in the area, where there are smaller restaurants and refreshments in the area. The total area of Phoenix Moc Chau Resort is about 50 hectares and there are various tourist attractions + a lake surrounded by fruit farms.

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    • You can also stay in the Ang Village or in the tourist Phoenix Resort, there are many classic homestays – houses on stilts or bungalows adapted for very comfortable accommodation for tourists. Right next to the resort there are also the Chimi Strawberry Gardens where you can enjoy some of the strawberry drinks or other delicacies made from strawberries and try and buy fresh milk nearby.
Classic houses on stilts in Moc Chau, some are being converted into a homestay for tourists.

Phoenix Mộc Châu Resort is also compared to the small town of Da Lat.

    • Phoenix Mộc Châu Resort is compared to Da Lat in southern Vietnam. The forests of northwestern Vietnam with a poetic lake in the middle of ancient green pine forests, lush and cooler but also warm climate is in Moc Chau all year round with four seasons in one day. Phoenix Mộc Châu Resort has many recreational facilities such as hotel rooms, bungalows, restaurant, golf course, amusement parks. The whole Moc Chau plateau is an agricultural area with many fruit and vegetable farms, tea plantations and beautiful nature.

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    • The city of Moc Chau does not have a railway or an airport, so it is only accessible by bus, private minivan or motorbike. There are buses or minivans from Hanoi and the journey can take about 4.5 hours. A motorbike / scooter is the most suitable option for exploring the area around Moc Chau. Bicycles can also be rented in some places at Moc Chau, such as at the Phoenix Mộc Châu Resort, but some places are not very suitable for cycling.
Phoenix Moc Chau Resort offers various rooms, bungalows and other types of stay (photo: Agoda).

When to visit the village of Ang + Phoenix Moc Chau in Moc Chau?

    • Theoretically, you can come at any time throughout the year. The village is of course freely passable, Phoenix Mộc Châu Resort itself has opening hours from 6 am – 22 pm. However, it is true that during the tourist season there can be a lot of visitors and Vietnamese tourists. The main tourist season in Moc Chau is from spring to summer. If you come here, for example, in the winter months, there may not be too many visitors. E.g. I personally visited this place in November and almost no one was there, just a few tourists.

Phoenix Moc Chau Resort – Information:

Full Name: Phoenix Mộc Châu – Rừng Thông Bản Áng
Opening time: 6 am – 22 pm, Monday to Sunday
Location: Ang Village (Bản Áng / Đông Sang), 3.5 km from the town center of Moc Chau
Attractions: artificial lake, playground, golf course, ferris wheel, carousel, strawberry farms…
Where to eat: on site or in nearby small restaurants in the village
What you should try: strawberry products from Chimi Strawberry Farm
How to get to Moc Chau: read this > How to reach Moc Chau from Hanoi?
How to get to Ang Village: you can travel by motorbike, bicycle or you can walk from the town
Accommodation: Book your stay in Phoenix Mộc Châu Resort


Map and location of Ang Village + Phoenix Moc Chau Resort:

(Ang Village (Bản Áng) + Phoenix Moc Chau Resort is located about 3.5 km from the center of Moc Chau)

Ang Village and Phoenix Moc Chau Resort are easily accessible by motorbike, bicycle or you can walk from the town.

Ang Village (Bản Áng) + Phoenix Moc Chau Resort – Photos:

Phoenix Mộc Châu Resort – Rừng Thông Bản Áng in Moc Chau (photo by Phoenix Moc Chau Resort).
Tourists in Phoenix Mộc Châu Resort in Moc Chau can book various types of accommodation (photo by Phoenix Moc Chau Resort).
There are also various photo spots in Phoenix Mộc Châu Resort in Moc Chau (photo by Phoenix Moc Chau Resort).
Tourists can enjoy various activities and celebrations in Phoenix Mộc Châu Resort in Moc Chau (photo by Phoenix Moc Chau Resort).
The village of Bản Áng also has adjacent pine forests and an artificial lake, it is a part of Phoenix Moc Chau Resort.
Not far from the Ban Ang village is Chimi Strawberry Farm, where you can buy various products + drinks made from strawberries.
The village of Ang is a tourist destination visited mainly by Vietnamese tourists, but in the off-season it may not be so visited.
During the season, there are several tourist attractions in Phoenix Moc Chau Resort in Ban Ang, such as rides on the lake or a ferris wheel.
You can sit at Chimi Strawberry Farm in Ban Ang village and enjoy one of your favorite strawberry drinks.
In the early evening, the lake in Phoenix Moc Chau Resort create beautiful pictures if you are lucky with the sunny weather.
There are also several flower fields and pine forests, inviting you to take pictures.

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