FOODY – Application and guide to the restaurants 🍜

Foody is very good virtual guide to restaurants in Vietnam, but also the booking and delivery service of meals.

Foody mobile application – restaurants in Vietnam almost in the hands.

Vietnam and food, it goes together. Hundreds to thousands of restaurants, bistros and cafes on the streets of major cities in Vietnam. Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are the two biggest cities of Vietnam and there are hundreds to thousands of restaurants, cafes and bistros. For foreigners who arrive here without any guide or Vietnamese friend, it is not easy to make sense of the restaurants and certainly it is not possible to know their quality and evaluation.

With the Foody application is easy to reserve a table or to deliver food.

Vietnamese mobile application Foody can at least help with a choosing of restaurants, with delivering of food and reservations. But Foody do not offers in Vietnam only food, you can find there another additional information and assistance in Vietnam. Currently (September 2016), you will find these offers also on the website: food, travel, beauty, entertainment, shopping, education, weddings and more. For the foreign travelers will probably be the most interesting categories of food, travel, shopping.

Registration is very easy and can be also created through the social networks. Then you can check your personal profile.

Content (photos, reviews, videos ..) is uploaded by users and visitors.

Registration and creating of your profile is easy, free and takes only a few seconds. You can use these social networks for your profile: Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Google. Foody application is localized also into English, it is necessary to emphasize: application is primarily focused on Vietnam and Indonesia. Ie. short reviews are written by Vietnamese and the names of meals are also in Vietnamese. However, rating points are given by users, so you can read at least some of these points and such. As well as pictures of food.

You can choose also other world cuisine and restaurants in other states.

Foody has alo a huge website where you can find almost everything. Streetfoods, bistros, lounges, cinemas, supermarkets, restaurants, places of interest, karaokes, massages and dozens of subcategories. Even in other countries (eg. Myanmar, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Japan, Singapore…). Offers in other countries are much lower but they are quickly growing.

Photos from selected restaurant and other information. Orange button „Reservation“ is for reservation of table in restaurant.

Clear design, nice photos and detailed information about the restaurant.

> Foody mobile application is very well controlled and quick
> Displays detailed information (map, address, price range, opening time, menu)
> Number and average grade ratings
> There are displayed keys of Wi-Fi networks, parking options
> Some large photos are longer downloaded
> Photos and further content you can share on social networks
> Order a meal or reserve a table is not possible in all restaurants and bistros
> You can search for restaurants and other places of interest around according to your location
> Applications is for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Choosing a place on the map, detailed information about restaurant and reservation.

Other interesting information about

> Company was founded in 2012 in Vietnam
> Points of interest (September 2016): Hanoi – about 55 000, Ho Chi Minh City – 63 000, Da Nang – 20 000
> 205 000 points of interest in Vietnam, 1 000 000 reviews, over 4 000 000 uploaded photos (September 2016)
> main categories on the website: food, travel, beauty, entertainment, shopping, education, more
> Foody shows also another services on the website (ATM´s, Gas stations, Laundries, massages…)
> Significantly growing and expanding abroad
> Delivery order worth 5 000 VND / 1 km (0,25 USD), provided by Deliverynow service
> reservation services provided by Tablenow
> Foody in Vietnam – Facebook page

FOODY is a top application for food lovers but also for foreign travelers in Vietnam. It is also suitable for people in Vietnam who live here a longer time.

All photos are from Android mobile system.

Nice photos and buying process and delivery of orders.
Photos in restaurants, captured by users and customers.
Foody offers other points of interest. Tourist spots, entertainment, supermarkets, laundries, ATMs, gas stations …
Foody – main offer in categories and other services.

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