TAN VU-LACH HUYEN bridge in Hai Phong

Tan Vu-Lach Huyen Bridge in Hai Phong city.

The longest bridge across the sea in Vietnam, but also in South East Asia.

At the beginning of September 2017 in Hai Phong city in northern Vietnam the longest bridge across the sea in Vietnam, but also in South East Asia (at least for the time being) > Tan Vu-Lach Huyen (Tân Vũ – Lạch Huyện) was opened. The bridge begins in Hai Phong city on the highway leading from Hanoi and ends up on Cat Hai Island. The length of the bridge across the sea is 5.4 km. Cat Hai Island is about 1.5 km from the largest island in Ha Long Bay – Cat Ba Island.

Transport to Cat Ba Island is again a bit faster, as catamarans, cattle and ferry boats also operate between Cat Hai and Cat Ba Islands. From Hanoi to Cat Ba Island, you can take a direct bus, it takes about 3.5–4 hours by bus from Hanoi to the town of Cat Ba.

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The highway is a total 15.63 kilometres long. It connects the developing areas in the east of the northern port city of Hai Phong with Lach Huyen Port in the island district of Cat Hai and Hanoi-Hai Phong Highway. Lach Huyen Port will be located in the eastern part of Hai Phong city (Cat Hai island) and it will be a biggest port in northern Vietnam. The highway is also meant to form a complete infrastructure network facilitating transportation to Lach Huyen Port, thereby attracting investment to Hai Phong.

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Cat Ba Island is the most visited island in northern Vietnam.

Cat Ba Island belongs to the one of the most visited and biggest tourist islands in northern Vietnam. This island is located in Ha Long Bay, Ha Long Bay in Quảng Ninh Province is one of the most interesting and visited sites in Vietnam, but also in the world. This place is rapidly changing and modernizing. Tan Vu-Lach Huyen bridge will also help to drive faster to Cat Ba Island. We will see how the island will look like in the future.

Ha Long Bay in northern Vietnam.

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