Vietnamese flag – facts, history, photos 🇻🇳


The flag of Vietnam.

Red background and yellow five-shape star are the main symbols of this flag.

This flag you will see very often in Vietnam, during the celebrations, festivals in towns and villages but, also on posters, billboards, as well as T-shirts, etc … Very simply designed flag an unknown designer. However, according to the research of writer Son Tung, was the designer Nguyen Huu Tien. In 2001, however, the Vietnamese Ministry of Culture denied this report. Vietnamese flag was used for the first time in 1945 and the yellow star had rounded shape, in this shape (yellow star with sharp features) has been used since 1955 even before North Vietnam. Since 1976 is the national flag of Vietnam.

The color of the flag and symbol represents the struggle for independence and composition of the population.

Intellectuals, peasants, workers, traders and soldiers it is 5 groups, which symbolizes 5 shapes of the yellow star on this flag. Previously, the red color was interpreted as a symbol of the independence of struggle in Vietnam. After the establishment of the Communist government in Vietnam, the red should represent a revolution of the working class and yellow star was defined as representing the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam. Look at the historical and other types of flags used in Vietnam.

Flag of Vietnam – Colors icon-angle-double-down 

Pantone1788Yellow 116
Hex triplet#E21C1C#FFFF00
NCSS 1085 Y80RS 0570 G70Y

Photos of vietnamese flag and symbols icon-angle-double-down


Vietnamese flag on a billboard


Vietnamese flag on the Hanoi tower


Vietnamese flag on a poster in Hanoi


Vietnamese flag located at the buddhist temple


Vietnamese flag at the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum in Hanoi


Vietnamese flag placed on a billboard in Sapa.


Vietnamese flag at the school in the Sin Chai village (Sapa)


Vietnamese flag at the school in the Tavan village.

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