How to get from HANOI to NHA TRANG?


Nha Trang is a typical area with the beaches and hotel resorts.

Nha Trang – beach and hotels, foreign tourists and beach resorts.

Nha Trang is a typical beach area and modern town in Khanh Hoa province. There are many hotels and resorts, nice beaches, but sometimes overcrowded by tourists and visitors. The main attraction is 7 km long sand beach and nearby islands. Nha Trang city is about 1300 km from the Hanoi capital. It is the one of the most visited places in southern Vietnam. All trains from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh city stops also in Nha Trang. But te train journey is extremely long – about 27-30 hours. The best way how to get to Nha Trang, is the flight from Hanoi or from Ho Chi Minh city. Flight can takes only about 1,5 hour (VietJetAir, Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar).

1. TRAINS from Hanoi to Nha Trang

– traveling by train in Vietnam is an interesting experience
– the journey can takes about 27-30 hours !!!
– the trains in Vietnam are comfortable, you can buy of course snack + food
– see the Vietnam railway map
– there are several trains every day of Vietnam Railways from Hanoi
– also Violette Express Train (VIP sleeper)
– one-way ticket costs around 1 200 000 Dongs (Soft bed, Vietnam Railway)
– Railway station in Hanoi – Hanoi Railway Station (120 Le Duan)
– Railway station in Nha Trang – Nha Trang Railway Station (17 Thái Nguyên)
icon-angle-double-rightbook and buy train e-tickets to Nha Trang online on Baolau or, secured online payment
– you will receive your e-ticket by email, ready to print or carry in your mobile phone or tablet and present when boarding the train

2. FLIGHTS from Hanoi to Nha Trang 

– there are a lot of flights from Hanoi to Nha Trang
– VietJetAir, Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar
– the journey takes about 1,5 hours
– price of one-way ticket – from 1 000 000 – 2 000 000 Dongs
– the best and quickiest way how to get from Hanoi to Nha Trang
– Cam Ranh International Airport – the main airport serving Nha Trang area
– Nha Trang city is 30 km from the airport, several taxi companies offering a fixed fare transportation to Nha Trang
icon-angle-double-rightyou can buy flight to Nha Trang on Baolau or


Trains in Vietnam are renovated, new and clean. Soft seats and 4-berth cabin (photo: Baolau)

What is Baolau?

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– read in article about transportation in Vietnam and information about


Nha Trang and the bridge in the town.


Nha Trang and boats in the dock.


Sunset in Nha Trang.


Nha Trang


Po Nagar Champa Temple in Nha Trang.


The beach in Nha Trang.

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